7 Instagram Profiles & 21 Destinations That Will Inspire You to Travel

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We all have our favorite online influencers. And we all have a type. Me, I love the travel profiles. I follow hundreds of travel influencers on Instagram. Every time I check my feed, I find a new place to add to my bucket list of destinations. My favorites have hundreds and thousands of followers, so forgive me if you’re already one of the thousands. I’d still like to share these with you in case you don’t already know them, it would be a shame. Because here is where I get to see the world in other people’s eyes.


Christina Tan is a luxury traveler with two Instagram profiles that are equally inspiring. Her feed is both serene and surreal.


Altug Galip is an amazing photographer currently residing in Cyprus. His photos make you want to jump on a plane and follow him around.


Elaine from San Francisco. That’s about all the information you’re going to get about her on Instagram. But who cares? I think she expresses herself adequately enough through her beautiful photos.


Murad Osmann and his wife Nataly Osmann created the #followmeto movement. It all began 5 years ago when Murad took a photo of Nataly pulling him to follow her. They are the cutest online couple. And her clothes…


Veronique Yang has a very colorful and diverse feed. I love that she posts everything from landscape to city life.


Most of Manuel’s travels are in the US, mainly the west coast. Which is why I love his profile. At least when I see these beautiful photos and realize it’s only a hop, skip, and a jump away, I don’t feel so pitiful. I can actually go to these places now!


Jacob is the Director of Content for Beautiful Destinations, one of the top travel profiles on Instagram. As a Director for @beautifuldestinations you can expect nothing less than amazing.

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