Hi, I'm Lhorie!

Adventure + Life Blogger.

This blog is the evolution of my LIFE LIST featuring articles of trips I’m finally taking, adventures I’m seizing, dreams I’m chasing, and valuable lessons I’m learning along the way. I am learning to live a more intentional life simply by participating in my own adventures. 

Fun Quirks

  • I laugh at almost everything.
  • I cry at almost everything.
  • I live to annoy my kids.
  • I’m on Netflix everyday.
  • I’ve seen the entire series of Friends more than 7 times.
  • I’ll never say “no” to a steak, or artichokes, or charity.
  • I eat with my hands.
  • I’m a closet nerd.
  • Dolphins and tulips and rain always make me happy.
  • I’m a messy eater.
  • I eat 2 boiled eggs at least twice a week.
  • I always misplace my eyeglasses even when it’s sitting on my head.

Anything & Everything is Possible

my story

This blog is where anything and everything is possible at anytime! At least, that’s what I believe and what I am trying to achieve.

I am chasing my dreams to travel the world and live a life of adventure while fully participating in my present life as a full-time mom, full-time employee, and aspiring writer. How do I find the time? Well, that is the journey I embark upon and I share my experiences and knowledge here in hopes of stimulating inspired action for the like-minded dreamers and the seekers.

There are still so many things I want to experience in life. I would love to travel more. I would love to experience more adventures, big and small. I would love to learn a new language and eat dishes I’ve never heard of before. I want to get lost in the wilderness and discover new things. I want to live every moment passionately and wake up in the morning looking forward to a day filled with beautiful surprises.

Since I turned 18, I have been keeping a bucket list  and every year it would grow, but I wasn’t crossing anything off. Every day I would tell myself, “today is the day!” I would end that day feeling incomplete because another day has passed that I did not achieve anything. None that really mattered to me anyway.

Those mediocre days became weeks. Weeks became months. Then five years have passed and I look back at my life with an astounding feeling of regret. I did not want to wait another day that would lead to another five years of longing for something I knew I could accomplish with a simple change in thought and a commitment to take action.

After some hardcore soul searching and numerous attempts to fill this gap, I finally realized what was missing in my life… absolutely nothing! The minute I stopped comparing myself to others and their accomplishments, this so-called gap disappeared.

Everything I have in my life, I wanted. Regardless of the consequences, I wanted it. I wanted a steady and secure job so I didn’t have to worry about money. I wanted to live in a boring and quiet neighborhood so my family can feel safe. I wanted many things and I got it! There are no regrets!

Now that I have built a so-far-so-good life for myself, I am ready to start building a Walter Mitty kind of life.

This site is the evolution of my bucket list featuring photographs of trips I’m finally taking, adventures I’m seizing, dreams I’m chasing, and stories I’ve written.

There is a great exciting world out there ready to be explored. Life does not have to be a series of mundane events. Life, whatever the current circumstances, when seen through inspired eyes and a hopeful heart, the ordinary suddenly becomes magical!

I learned that envisioning it this way is only half the process. The other half is participating. Go figure. So here I am, heart in hand, fully engaging in the life I live and the life I want to lead.