Aulani Disney Resort – Hawaii

“Enjoy the little things in life for one day you’ll look back and realize they were the big things.”


My family and I went to Hawaii for the first time last month. We stayed at the Aulani Disney Resort near Honolulu. We had such an amazing time! I got a little too carried away with my camera hoping to capture every single moment when I realized, I was actually missing out on most of these moments. And this is what happens sometimes… I get caught up on taking too many photos so that I can have something to remember those special moments, but I fail to realize there isn’t much to remember if I’m not in the moment. So after taking 1000+ photos, I prioritized the “vacation” part of the trip.

I’d like to share these moments with all of you, especially our stay at Aulani. I’m not much of a “resort” kind of person because I like to explore what’s outside the walls. As much as I wanted to do that in Hawaii, I also really just wanted to stay inside the walls for once. There’s so much to do! It felt like a little Hawaii within Hawaii. In every turn there is a different pool. Mickey and the gang are constantly walking around the resort saying “Hi!” to all the guests. Every night there is an activity/event that everyone is welcome to. We had a private beach that had the most amazing view of the sunset. It was pretty busy with all the kids and families scattered throughout the resort. Regardless though, it was the most fun, relaxing, and carefree time I’ve had with my family in awhile. Guess Disney can really do that a person. It’s not Disneyland purse, but still one of the happiest place on earth!




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