Barona Casino & Resort weekend getaway

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If you spend a week at a casino you will very easily see that people have a certain way of behaving in a casino.

[Mads Mikkelsen]


Barona Casino is located on an Indian Reservation just 30 minutes away from downtown San Diego, California. This is one of my favorite Casinos in the San Diego area because for one, they have some pretty great comps and two, the view is amazing.

I don’t gamble the way my brother and his wife do. When I win $100, I’m celebrating like it’s New Years. That doesn’t happen very often. My brother and my sister-in-law get all the good rewards because they donate a lot more to the casinos than I do. Almost every month, we get to stay at the resort for free. About every two months, we get to eat at their amazing buffet.

During my last stay, I decided to explore the rest of the resort. I’m usually indoors in front of a slot machine. What happens when you take a little adventure outside? Well, I saved a lot of money and discovered natural beauty.

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