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BUCKET LIST #20: Start a blog

Judgments prevent us from seeing the good that lies beyond appearances.

[Wayne Dyer]


For the past week I have been driving myself crazy trying to create the perfect blog layout. I went through 5 designs before I finally created one that I am extremely satisfied with. It took me 7 sleepless nights, but I am super happy with the result.

My layout before was okay. It was nice and simple and clean. But the more I look at it, the more I wanted to change it. It just didn’t feel like a travel/adventure blog. It didn’t feel like me. I wanted a website that would inspire people to go out there and start taking adventures of their own. I felt the only way I could accomplish this was to fill my blog with larger than life images. I couldn’t achieve this with my past layouts. That’s why I kept changing it. Something was always missing.

I’m always on and FollowMeTo.Travel websites because I always feel inspired after looking at their blog. I want people to have that same reaction when visiting my website. This is why I got stuck on the appearance of my site.[/vc_column_text]

nomadic matt

Visuals tell stories. Sometimes even better stories than what’s written because people are left with their own interpretation of what they see. Then add a great story and the visuals are amplified. And of course, I had my own selfish reasons for changing my layout as many times as I did.

It’s my website. It’s me. As a blogger, this is my work of art. It expresses who I am and how I feel. A fashion blogger’s focus is their physical appearance. That’s their work of art. So does that make it okay to be stuck on appearances? Yes, but if for a good cause.

We all have our reasons for wanting to look good. One reason is to bring out our inner emotions through how we look. When I’m happy, I like to dress up. When I’m feeling down, I look like a hobo. People recognize this. People can sense if you’re the type of person they want to know more about or intentionally pass on the street. As an adventure and travel blogger, my physical appearance is my website. When I look at my site, I ask myself, if this was just another website on travel and adventure, would I follow it?

Now I would! I’m really happy with my new layout. I hope you guys are too.

These are the previous layouts I used/ Don’t get me wrong, these layouts are beautiful. It just wasn’t for me.


Daisy Theme
Pen & Parker

Pen and Parker Layout

Akay Theme

Sleek Theme
I would love to hear your feedback on my new layout. Please leave your comments below. Thanks for reading!



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