How To Make Your Travel Dreams Come True

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Change your thoughts and you change your world

[Norman Vincent Peale]


I love to travel. I’d be a nomad under different circumstances. As in I-have-two-young-kids-who-would-possibly-resent-me-if-I were-a-nomad type circumstance. That’s not the only factor hindering me from traveling as much as I would want.  Other people might think it’s the time, or more appropriately, lack thereof. But if I had the money, you bet your cute little ass I’ll make the time. If I had the money… Oh yes. That would be the factor. At least, that’s what most people think.

Traveling is one of my greatest passions. It falls slightly below writing and slightly above couching (definition: one who sits on the couch all day binge watching anything and everything entertaining). I seriously want to explore the world, one city at a time. I want to foot trod wine in Italy. I want to bathe in the miracle waters of Lourdes. Most of all, I want to see Paris. I want to cry at the sight of the Eiffel Tower and sip wine from a crystal wine glass with my pinkie pointing up. I want to be random in Paris and I want Paris to be random with me.

But how can one accomplish all this with budget restrictions like myself?

Well, I’ll tell you how did it… I THOUGHT my way there.

I’ve been dreaming of Paris and the French for awhile. It wasn’t until a few years ago when the burning desire to visit became undeniable. I even bought a “French for Dummies” book to relieve some of the tourist ignorance in me.

While reading through the book, I started to see myself getting on the plane feeling really excited about my trip. I started to see myself overjoyed with the stamp on my passport. I saw myself walking the streets of Paris and smiling at the French men and women greeting them “Bonjour, comment allez vous?” The visions made me so giddy and anxiously happy just thinking about it that I started roleplaying by myself while driving to work or school.

A few months passed and the roleplaying slowly died down. I wasn’t imagining it as often but when I did, the strong feeling of being there did not change. I had other things on my mind you see, like graduating and what my plans were after graduation.

Little did I know, the plan after graduation was to go to Paris. Thanks to my wonderful mother who was so proud of my accomplishments, she gave me an all inclusive two-week-five-country-tour paid vacation to Europe. I got to see Germany, Portugal, Spain, Italy, and of course Paris, France!

My mom had no idea how badly I wanted to go to Paris. She knew I eventually wanted to visit Europe one day. I never expected her to pay for it! I never expected to go so soon! Nonetheless, I got what I wanted, and oh so much more! My visions and roleplaying actually worked… I thought my way to Paris!



  1. Prepare your passport. If you don’t have one, now is a better time than any to get one. Don’t you think?
  2. Start Packing. Get out your suitcase and start packing your essentials for this specific trip, including your passport. If you’re going to Tahiti, pack your ittie bittie teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini and sunblock lotion. If you’re going to Paris, pack your Devil Wears Prada outfits and a red lipstick. If you feel you’ll be needing these essentials before the trip, then make a list of what to bring so you don’t forget and put that list in your luggage.
  3. Learn the Culture. Get a guide book or Google it. Look at photos of places and the people so you have a sense of what to expect when you get there. Remember, this isn’t school and you’re not studying for an exam. Just learn enough to get you excited about your upcoming adventure.
  4. Role Play. This is the best part. Start seeing yourself there — walking the streets, talking to the natives, eating the food, stuttering on their foreign language. If you must, purchase something made from their country and carry it around with you. If you’d rather save that money for when you actually get there, then print out a photo and keep that with you.
  5. Have fun with it. The first 4 steps is to get you in the mindset that you are already going. It’s not a matter of how you’ll get there. It’s a matter of when. After all, you’re already packed and know exactly what you’re going to do there. So it’s going to happen sooner rather than later. So have fun with the process. Think of how wonderful it would be and forget about everything else. When you do that, everything else will fall into place. Just wait and see!

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