It’s A Laguna Beach Kind Of A Day

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Happiness is… sand between my toes

Southern California has one of the best weathers and one of the most amazing sunsets (being on the west coast and all). The way the sun reflects cool and warm colors, all at the same time, over the water and sky is such an unbelievable sight. No matter how many times I’ve seen it, it never gets old.

So my daughter and I decided to take the afternoon off from couch potato-ing and head out for a small adventure to the beach. I wanted to go somewhere a little more secluded so we can run around without stepping on anyone and take tons of Instagram-worthy photos. We decided on Laguna Beach. My daughter has never been so I thought it was the perfect place for a little mother-dauther QT.

Here we are taking tons of photos when I remembered a very unique landmark that I’ve been wanting to see — La Tour, a tower that stands on the edge of the cliff. It’s kind of tricky trying to locate it’s exact spot because there isn’t too many beach access here and Google maps apparently doesn’t know it’s exact location either. I was able to find it, but it was too far for my camera to reach a good angle. It was also getting late and we had only ventured out to one part of the beach. So I gave up on it and decided it was an adventure for another time.

As my daughter and I were wrapping up getting ready to go home, I noticed something as I looked up towards the setting sky…it was a shape of a face edged on the side of this rock. Serendipity! Here I was trying so hard to locate this mysterious tower and I find a “rock face” instead! I love how life just works out!

Laguna Beach Day 3

Laguna Beach Day 6Laguna Beach Day


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