The Most Beautiful Church In The World – St. Peter’s Basilica

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BUCKET LIST #10: Visit Vatican City

When in Rome, do as the Romans do.


I wish they had a quote for when in the Vatican City, cover up!

It was the middle of September when I visited Rome. I was told it’s the best month to go to Europe because the weather is perfect. And it was! The day I went to the Vatican City I had on black shorts, an off-the-shoulder shirt that had the Eiffel Tower print on it, black velvet boots, and a purple scarf. It was my first time in Europe and I wanted to be prepared in case the weatherman was wrong. Which by the way, he almost always is anywhere in the world. So I walked out of the hotel room with quite a contradictory outfit.

So here I am in line to enter the church of all churches — St. Peter’s Basilica. Did you know that the word “basilica” means any church that has been given special privileges by the pope? Anyway, while in line I noticed a girl in the front of the line get booted out because her clothes were too “provocative” for St. Peter. I looked at my mom with worried eyes, then we both looked down at what I was wearing. Ummmmm… What the heck!

St. Peter's Basilica

Drastic times call for drastic measures. I had to think quick because there were only 4 more people between me and my dream of bumping into the pope. I looked down at my outfit again and realized that I once used this same scarf as a blanket (story for another time). So I grabbed my scarf and wrapped it around my waist like a Hawaiian Sarong and I forced my off-the-shoulder shirt to stay on both shoulders. I smiled with all my teeth at the gatekeepers. They looked at me from head to teeth and to my happy surprise, they smiled back! Yaasss!!! I made it!

St. Peter's Basilica 2

I still remember what I felt in that exact moment I stepped inside those enchanting walls. It just does something to you. Maybe it’s the art on the walls or that the pope conducts masses here. If I knew what zen felt like, I would label it this…

Every inch of the basilica was covered in sculptures and art. If you took the time to really observe each and every detail (like I did), it would really take your breath away. I mean, just thinking about the planning and creative thought that went into building this is exhausting! But truly, truly appreciated.

Many beautiful and breathtaking scenes in the world are found in nature… and at the St. Peter’s Basilica.

St. Peter's Basilica 11

St. Peter's Basilica 9

St. Peter's Basilica 4

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