I Dream of Venice

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BUCKET LIST #13: Visit Venice, Italy

You may have the Universe if I may have Italy.

[Giuseppe Verde]


When I graduated from college, my amazingly thoughtful mother gifted me a trip to Europe.

It was a dream I’ve always woken up to, wanting to go back to sleep; the romantic view of the stars on a gondola, the Victorian dresses and masquerade balls, and the reflection of my smile on the canal.

One morning, I finally woke up there.

We were on the midnight train to Rome from Germany. I couldn’t sleep and got hungry so I got up to get some snacks from my luggage. To my dismay, the baggage car that held my salvation was gone. It was no longer attached to our train. I woke up my mom in a panic. All our thing were in that car!

After thirty minutes of despair, the conductor told us that our luggages were on its way to Venice. Venice was not part of our itinerary. But we had no choice other than to follow our baggage. So we got off on the next stop and waiting for a train due north. It wasn’t until we hopped on the Venice train when I started feeling tingly inside…

I’m on my way to Venice!

It was a true serendipity moment for me.

Since we were already there, I convinced my mom to stay for the day. Neither of us had ever been to Venice. It would be a tragedy to waste a trip when we were already in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It didn’t take much to convince her.

The canals of Venice
Ponte degli Scalzi

“Bridge of the barefoot monks” One of the bridges in Venice that cross the Grand Canal.

Venice architecture 
A masquerade



The market


Boats and gondolas


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