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Pursuing Happy

What exactly is the pursuit of happiness? Is it pursuing a potential lover to fill a void? Is it the pursuit of earning more money to live comfortably and do all the things you wish you could do? Or is it the pursuit of fulfilling a certain goal you’ve been chasing most of your life?

Let me tell you a funny thing about the pursuit of happiness. There is an underlying meaning to the statement that because of its simplicity it is often missed. The pursuit of happiness is BEING HAPPY

For the longest time I have been traveling on this road of pursuit and I always found myself almost at Happy Town, barely touching the protective shield that this magical city somehow locked itself in.

I was under the assumption (an assumption I created for myself) that once I find my true love, have more money, travel to distant lands, or fulfill my goals, I would be happy. I pondered on this ever so growing assumption of mine. Once I get everything I wished for, then what? Would I not want more things once these previous wishes have come true? Of course I would because it’s just human nature. We are all built to want more because we are creatures of growth.

I have certain dreams and wishes now that I want fulfilled. It was different 3 years ago. And 3 years before that was another different set of dreams and wishes. 3 years from now will be another different set of dreams and wishes. I know for a fact it will be different because my goals from 3 years ago have already been accomplished which led to a new set of goals to pursue now. And so the cycle goes.

We all have this misconstrued belief that the pursuit of happiness is like pursuing a job. If only I had this job, I would finally be happy. So you say. Well now you’re finally happy because now you’re at that job.  Until of course you find out the job wasn’t all it was cut out to be, you get bored after some time and want something new, or you’ve overgrown that position and now want to move up in the company. So now another goal is born for you to pursue. Now you’re disappointed because you’ve realized that this pursuit wasn’t meaningful and you’re back to being unhappy and unsatisfied until you find another if-only-I-had-this-I-would-be-happy thing to obsess about.

So if this is the cycle of life — there will always be goals we are trying to pursue no matter where we are in life — then we might as well accept the fact that we will be miserable from now until we perish because for most of our lives, we will be in pursuit.

 – OR –

We accept that we have this theory all wrong and the happiness we are pursuing occurs every day in our lives. The pursuit of happiness is not just about certain goals we want to achieve in life. The foremost misconception of the pursuit of happiness is thinking we have to work hard and sacrifice first in order to obtain so called happiness.



Ponder upon these words for a second.

Now, what exactly are you pursuing? What is the ultimate goal that you are really trying so hard to achieve?

I. Just. Want. To. Be. Happy.

“Folks are usually about as happy as they make their minds up to be.”

[Abraham Lincoln]


Ever notice that when the earlier part of your day goes wrong it just seems to keep going wrong throughout the day? Ever notice that when you wake up feeling anything is possible that you receive good news throughout the day? Good karma is effortlessly attracted to you when you’re happy in the same way that bad karma follows you when you’re disgruntled.

Happiness is a game of thought.  If you think happy thoughts, your emotions start to follow. When your thoughts are happy and you’re feeling happy, guess what?! Magic starts to happen.

So make up your mind now to be happy.

Stop searching for the things you don’t yet have and marvel on the things that are already here.

Stop your never ending pursuit of the pursuit.




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