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Let’s Color Run

“The best color in the whole world is the one that looks good on you.”



5k is equivalent to about 3 miles, so if you really think about it, it’s not that far. But I didn’t really go to say I ran a 5k. I went because color packs were being thrown around by and at the runners. How fun is that?!

I’ve never actually heard of such a thing until I saw it on Groupon— which by the way has so many awesome activities for great prices! I have always wanted to go to the Holi Festival in India. That’s on my bucket list of course. I was just so fascinated when I saw the videos of strangers on the streets laughing and playing and throwing coloured water at each other, and this was OKAY!

After seeing probably about 100 videos and photos of the Holi festivities, I received a Groupon email notification that The Color Run Night is only $35 to attend. Hmmm… curious. It’s as if the Universe was listening in that exact moment and telling me, “Well, who knows when you’ll be able to go to India. So in the meantime, have fun with this!”

The event was held at the Stubhub Center in Carson, CA. I live in SoCal so this was perfect. Parking wasn’t bad either. Check-in was fast and easy. Everything was conveniently right there! Janelle (my daughter), Angelo (my partner-in-crime), and I grabbed our kits and eagerly put everything on.


There were so many people still gathered around the entrance stretching, dancing, laughing, and taking selfies. The music was echoing through the ecstatic crowd and you can feel the good vibes in the atmosphere.

We headed to the START line and even that was a party all on it’s own. That’s when I saw the magical 🦄

Good times!

The track/course was not at all what I pictured in my head. That’s a good thing because I pictured a pretty boring course. I felt like I was runnung through a maze in Wonderland. Every half mile or so we ran through the “Color Cave” (what I like to call it) where we bathed in green, pink, and blue pixie dust. There were photobooths along the course. We stopped at everyone of them, of course.

Color Run 3

Color Run 2

We walked more than we should have and stopped even more than we should have. But we didn’t cheat and cut through to the other side. I mean, I tried! But I was with my daughter who stopped me and then tried to make me feel guilty.

We finally got to the finish line and I can proudly say I got there fair and square. I finished a 5k run! Sure, I walked half the time, but I got to the finish line nonetheless. I’m glad my daughter was there to be my voice of reason.

The event was overall was very fun. There was no pressure to finish at a certain time. I got my workout for the day. I got to have fun with and make fun of my family. It really is the HAPPIEST 5k in the world!

Color Run 4


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